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Get Smoother More Radiant Skin Through Forma Skin Tightening

Recover a more youthful look with radiofreuquency skin tightening through Forma and Plus. Forma is non-invasive facial rejuvenation, making your skin appear smoother and more radiant. Plus utilizes the same technology but is used on larger areas, like the abdomen, thighs or arms. Forma and Plus’ pinpoint technology prevents both under- and over-treatment of the body area in question, ensuring the greatest, unfailing results. Forma and Plus smooth and tighten the complexion, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture of body areas that have dimpling and reverses the appearance of aging..It is an entirely pain-free treatment with no downtime. Treatments are done in a series of 6-8 weekly sessions.

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  • Acquire: Forma has a temperature sensor built into the hand piece which reads skin surface temperature 1000 times per second, allowing clinicians to acquire skin temperature in real time.
  • Control: Software algorithm allows unprecedented safety of RF delivery. The “cut off temperature” feature reduces RF energy automatically when the hand piece senses that the required skin temperature has been reached.
  • Extend: Clinical evidence suggests prolonged exposure to temperature above 40°C is advantageous for optimal clinical outcomes. Only InMode’s A.C.E. technology allows you to utilize therapeutic temperatures safely and efficiently.

How Forma Works

Forma was created through technology called A.C.E. (Acquire, Control, Extend), using radio-frequency energy to penetrate to your skin’s deeper layering. This non invasive facial rejuvenation technique provides the best possible laser skin tightening within these deep layers, stimulating the creation of fresh collagen and improving skin elasticity. Your skin appears smoother and more radiant.

A Safe Laser Skin Tightening Treatment For Both Face And Body

Forma is safe for virtually every part of the face or body. Among the most common facial areas treated are foreheads, crow’s feet, eyelids (both upper and lower), jowls, smile and neck lines, and the folds that run from each side of the nose that outline the cheeks. The most commonly treated body areas are the arms and abdomen, as well as a variety of different areas that often need contraction.

Pain Free With No Downtime

With its non invasive facial rejuvenation technology and deep-layer targeting, Forma treatments are virtually pain-free, and require no down-time for recovery. You may experience minor reddening in the treated area, but this is common and will subside in a matter of a few hours.

Outpatient Treatments Done In Six Weeks Or Less

Optimum results are achieved with a 6 week treatment regimen. It is recommended that weekly sessions are performed over a six-week period. If laxity (the looseness of the skin) is mild, fewer treatments with time spaced out a bit longer between the treatments may be an option. Much depends on each person’s individual skin conditions. The schedule of treatments will be based on an evaluation made prior to the regimen.

Safe With Other Treatments

Forma laser skin tightening is perfectly safe performed in tandem with a majority of other laser procedures, facials, and injectable or filler treatments. For example, Forma patients often combine Forma with Fractora Resurfacing and Lumecca Photofacial regimens. This combination of procedures has been dubbed the FracTotal Facial. It is the definitive skin transformation regimen, addressing every in-demand facial concern: skin laxity, irregular tone and texture, wrinkling and pigmentation issues such as freckling or age spots. Check with your aesthetic professional when deciding if the FracTotal Facial is right for you.

Works For Every Skin Type And Complexion

Forma is works for every type of skin and complexion. It is a non-invasive treatment that produces a beautifully natural appearance, improving skin tone and texture. Both past and present patients say that skin feels smooth and better defined, with a decrease in wrinkles.

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