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The technical term for enlarged male breasts is gynecomastia. The hallmark of the condition is unusually enlarged breasts in men. The tissues of the male breasts swell when there is a decrease in testosterone or an increase in the latent female hormones all men carry. The causes vary. Puberty, genetics, aging, medication or health conditions that have an effect on hormones can all play a part, among other factors. Often, the swelling can be accompanied by tenderness and discomfort.

An estimated 50% of the male population of the U.S. experiences a degree of gynecomastia sometime in their lives. Gynecomastia can occur at any age. Male breast reduction surgery is safe for males beginning in the teen years well into adulthood, and has proven very successful.

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How male breast reduction surgery will be approached depends on the extent of the enlargement and what kind of breast tissue is the cause. Basically, male breast reduction surgery has two categories: true gynecomastia and pseudo gynecomastia. The difference of the two has to do with the type of breast tissue causing the enlargement.

True Gynecomastia. With true gynecomastia, the breast size is caused by enlarged glandular breast tissue, though there may also be some excess fatty tissue involved.

Pseudo Gynecomastia. With pseudo gynecomastia, an excess of fatty tissue is the sole cause of the breast enlargement.

An initial palpation exam informs the doctor as to which type of gynecomastia the patient has. True gynecomastia will feel more firm during palpation, while pseudo gynecomastia will feel less so.

Male breast reduction surgery remains the most effective solution for male breast enlargement. The procedure will remove excessive fat and glandular tissue, restoring a flatter, firmer, more masculine contour to the patient’s chest.

The Basics Of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery for true gynecomastia excises glandular tissues and tapers the remainder of any fatty tissue through liposuction. This optimizes contouring for a more masculine profile. For pseudo gynecomastia, when the quality of the skin is good, male breast reduction surgery is usually performed using liposuction alone. The surgical incision generally runs along the lower edge of the areolas.

Weight Loss And Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Healthy weight loss can certainly go a long way in reducing overly large male breasts. But, frequently, excessive glandular tissue is an issue that isn’t solved by weight loss alone. Even quite lean men can be troubled with enlarged male breasts. Male breast reduction remains the only consistently effective solution for enlarged male breasts. Depending on the type of gynecomastia, effects are long lasting or permanent. After having the procedure, the majority of patients report an improvement in self-esteem and feeling at ease when going shirtless for the first time in years.

If you are distressed or embarrassed about how your chest looks in certain clothes, or if you find yourself avoiding shirtless or near-shirtless activities altogether, male breast reduction surgery may be something for you to consider.
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