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Rhinoplasty can be done for either cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, or both. Nose surgery can enhance your appearance, sculpting the nose into a more aesthetic proportion for your face. It can also correct deformities from accidents, birth or earlier surgeries. It is often used to improve the simple but essential act of breathing.

Rhinoplasty addresses sizes and proportions of noses, as well as the nose’s shape, including conditions such as how wide or thin the bridge is, convex or concave irregularities, deviated septums, tips of noses that are overly large, drooped or excessively upturned, or nostrils that are overly large, broad or upturned.

As with any surgical procedure, a realistic expectation regarding the outcome of rhinoplasty should be kept in mind when you are preparing for nose surgery. Even more important is that you are choosing to have the surgery for your own well-being, and not to satisfy someone else.

Teenagers thirteen years old and older are eligible for rhinoplasty if their facial growth has been completed.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty does require some form of anesthesia. Dr. Kouris will discuss with you which type is best for you or your teenager.

A nose surgery procedure will be either “open” or “closed.” An “open” procedure will involve creating an incision across the band of tissue that divides the nostrils. A “closed” procedure conceals incisions within the nose. It cases where the shape or size of the nostrils are altered, incisions may also be concealed within the nostrils’ natural creases.

With the nose surgery procedure, Dr. Kouris gently lifts the skin and outer tissues away the underlying structure of the nose, then reshapes that underlying structure. For example, for a patient who wants some or the entire nose to be larger, cartilage may be removed from the nasal septum (the bone and cartilage that divides the nasal cavity into two passages) or taken from a different part of the body like an ear.

If your septum is deviated (meaning the septum is significantly off center or crooked, causing difficulties in breathing), Dr. Kouris will correct it through straightening. He can also make adjustments to your underlying nasal structure to improve your breathing.

Once the sculpting and any corrections are complete, Dr. Kouris re-drapes the soft tissue and skin.

What To Expect While Recovering From Your Procedure

After rhinoplasty, splinting, gauze packing and tubes can sometimes be used as supports for your nose’s new shape. if utilized, these will stay in place for approximately one week. You should expect some swelling and bruising, but as these fade, your new contouring will emerge and your breathing will improve. Keep in mind that complete dissipation of swelling will likely take several months, and it may be as much as a year before the total transformation from your nose surgery is seen.

What To Expect During Your Consultation With Dr. Kouris

When you consult with Dr. Kouris, the two of you will discuss your expectations, along with determining if rhinoplasty is right for you. You will also be told how the procedure will be done and what you should post-surgery, including the possibility of any side effects.

Dr. Kouris’ staff is happy to help you with any questions you may have before scheduling your nose surgery consultation with the doctor. Please call 708-352-4667 or use our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you.


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