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Neck Lift Basics

Often, people may not realize how dramatic an effect the neck can have on one’s appearance. A neck lift can have an extraordinary effect, taking years off how someone looks.

A neck lift is a surgical procedure used to improve facial appearance along the jaw line and neck. Neck lift surgery can be used to eliminate excess fat as well as loose skin in the jowl and neck areas, and it also addresses fatty deposits under the chin. It can also be used to sculpt muscle bands within the neck to improve facial contouring. Whether the reasons for the neck lift are hereditary, aging or the effects of environmental or stress conditions, neck lift surgery can be used to benefit the lower facial area along the jaw and neck.

Many people may feel they don’t yet need for a full facelift, but do want to correct neck conditions like the loose flaps commonly called a “turkey wattle,” excess wrinkles on the neck line or other conditions like double chins or sagging jowl lines. In these cases, when the neck region detracts from an otherwise pleasing facial appearance, a neck lift is often the best remedy.

If your neck no longer holds youthful elasticity, if you’re noticing sagging jowls, double chins, wattles or you’d like to correct the hereditary shape of your neck’s muscle bands, neck lift surgery is a very good option. A neck lift rejuvenates the neck’s skin and tissues, improves signs of aging, reduces the effects around the neck due to weight gain or can re-tighten skin after weight loss.

Neck Lift Options

There are a variety of ways to return firmness and vitality to a saggy or fatty neck. Neck liposuction, surgical neck lifts (which can be done with or without a face lift), platysmaplasty (a procedure that tightens muscle cords within the neck), skin resurfacing that improves colors and texture, or collagen therapy that improves the neck’s volume and softness. For those who prefer to focus specifically on the neck area, neck lift surgery and procedures provide good alternatives to full face lifts.

For those who want to explore other rejuvenation methods in conjunction with a neck lift, brow lifts, lip enhancement, facial fillers, eyelid surgery and more can be included.

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