Uncovering Healthier Skin With Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Healthy, youthful, vibrant skin is a highly sought after commodity among many people today. It is little surprise that billions of dollars get paid out every year on facial procedures, creams, ointments, peels, spa sessions and other treatments for the face and skin. One very popular and also highly effective procedures is commonly known as the chemical peel. At Midwest Plastic Surgery we offer three basic levels of chemical peels for our customers and can tailor these services in order to cater to specific needs, skin tones, blemishes, and sensitivity levels. Even for skin that is clear and blemish-free, a chemical peel can be just what you are looking for to make your skin even more beautiful than before!

Why Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels provide a quick and easy way to uncover a healthy layer of skin and remove dead skin cells and other blemishes on the skin. They have become a popular part of facial skin care. The peels work by gently peeling away several top layers of skin, thus removing any discoloration and blemishes such as acne scars, color spots, and fine lines or wrinkles. At Midwest Plastic Surgery every one of our chemical peel procedures is tailored to fit your unique needs- no cookie cutter applications here!  You get personalized treatments that help uncover your skin’s hidden beauty.

Chemical peels and are unique from many other scrubbing-type of facial treatments in that they use a specially formulated chemical solution which gets applied to the face in order to clean and remove surface dirt and grime. This chemical solution cleans and removes the damaged layers of skin so healthier skin cells can come to the surface. After only a few minutes, the solution is wiped clean and removed. Over the following few days, the damaged layers of skin will slough off while new layers of healthier skin underneath begin to grow and show through. While the vast majority of chemical peels are tailored for the face, they can also be used on other parts of the body to improve skin on the neck and hands as well as occasionally the arms, legs, and back.

Chemical peels can be useful in treating the following common skin conditions:

  • Acne and blackheads
  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin discoloration and spots
  • Scaly, rough, dry skin
  • Scars and skin tags
  • Sun-damaged skin

What to Expect

Chemical peels are offered in three basic levels for skin care: light, medium and deep. Light peels are quick and easy and usually bring no discomfort or recovery time. Deeper peels may bring some slight discomfort at the time of the peel and a longer recovery time afterwards. However, the deeper peels yield the deepest, most intense results of all the chemical peels.


After a thorough facial cleaning with basic soapy products, the appropriate chemical solution will be applied. After only a few minutes, it is removed and the skin is washed again. Only a few minutes of application time is needed to get the surface cleaning results a light peel reveals. After the procedure, there may be some slight tingling and minor redness but you can go about your normal activities with no real changes needed.


After the skin on the face is thoroughly cleansed, the chemical solution will then be applied. The solution is left on for a few minutes longer than with a light peel and then it is removed and washed clean. The area that has been treatment may be pale in color at first and this is completely normal. Over the following days, the skin will turn a medium red or brown color, which shows the older layers of skin are being sloughed off, which is exactly what you want. New healthier brighter skin will soon appear underneath.  For best results, it is recommended that a chemical peel be applied to the face every two to three months.


Because a deep peel is an intense form of exfoliating there is often some discomfort associated with the treatment. Because of this, the first step is often to apply a local anesthetic so the area will be slightly numb during the peel. Once the anesthetic has taken effect the face is cleaned and the chemical solution applied. After several minutes, the chemical will be washed off and a special ointment will be applied to help soothe this skin and protect it from damage from the sun and environmental effects as the new skin cells come to the surface. This ointment should be left on for at least the next several hours or until it is time for your nightly face cleaning routine. While the usage of a deep peel can have up to two weeks of recovery time before full normal activities can be enjoyed, it does generate the most dramatic results.

Discover the Difference

At Midwest Plastic Surgery, we believe that each and every one of our patients is a unique case, requiring his or her own treatment that will be unique and different from whatever anyone else finds successful. It is time to move away from a cookie cutter standard medical approach to treatments and offer tailored services that are unique to the person’s individual situation and needs.  When you come in to see us it is likely because there is something you would like to change about your appearance. We can help you get the look you want with chemical peels and our wide selection of other customized facials and skin care services.

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