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Symmastia surgery corrects a particularly distressing condition that may occur after breast augmentation. Symmastia (more formally known as synmastia) is frequently referred to as “uniboob” or “bread loafing.” It happens in the event of breast implants shifting too closely to the middle the chest. This results in the illusion of the patient having a single confluent breast. Symmastia is frequently thought to be due to either the shifting of implants that are comparatively large, have been over filled, or positioned below the pectoral muscles.

However, the size and positioning of the implant is far less a reason than the surgeon who attempted to compensate for the implant’s size. Often, patients say the symmastia comes with discomfort where the breasts meet midline. The symmastia may also be accompanied by rippling.

Changing from larger implants to smaller ones will not, on its own, correct symmastia. That’s because Symmastia is a pocket problem rather than an implant problem. The proper fitting of implants relies on the breast pocket created by the right amount of natural tissue being removed. When too much tissue has been removed, or if removal of the tissue occurs to closely to the chest’s center, the basic structure of the breast is weakened. That allows implants to slope inward, ultimately causing breasts and their tissues to shift, stretch and re-heal too near the center. In such cases, symmastia correction is achieved through surgery.

In performing symmastia surgery, Dr. Kouris will reposition each breast pocket with internal stitches, correcting the midline dislocation of the implants. After the procedure, you will receive specific dressings and bra to properly support your breasts after the symmastia correction.

Symmastia Surgery Offers Peace Of Mind & Improved Self-Esteem

The purpose of all cosmetic surgical procedures is the enhancement of the patient’s appearance and self-esteem. So it is more than understandable when a patient feels frustration when the result of a surgery isn’t satisfactory or, even worse, an embarrassment. While symmastia is not the most common correction undertaken through breast revision, it can certainly be said to be one of the most dreaded complications following breast augmentation.

At Midwest Plastic Surgery in the Chicago area, our priority is to make every surgery successful, no matter its nature. It’s the least that our patients deserve. So, when a patient comes to Dr. Kouris for symmastia correction, the doctor and staff take particular care to make that patient feel comfortable with the procedure and confident in Dr. Kouris.

The doctor and his staff have decades of experience with a myriad of breast revision and breast augmentation procedures, including symmastia surgery. In addition to his plastic and reconstructive surgery practice, Dr. Kouris actively teaches senior level residents the fundamental principles and advanced concepts of plastic surgery. His teaching prowess is directly beneficial to his patients, because it allows him to develop and refine surgical procedures as he strives to offer his patients the safest, most effective and most reliable outcomes in field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

If you are suffering the discomfort and distress of symmastia, Dr. Kouris and his staff is happy to help you with any questions you may have before scheduling your symmastia surgery. Please call 708-352-4667 or use our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you.


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