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Breast Revision in Chicago at Midwest Plastic Surgery

Breast revision is an auxiliary surgery used to improve or correct results from an earlier breast augmentation procedure. Each breast revision procedure varies considerably, as each patient’s needs for the surgery are very individual. How the surgery is performed depends on the complication resulting from the previous breast augmentation surgery, as well as the patient’s motivations for wanting the procedure. Depending on your own goals for seeking out breast revision, Dr. Kouris will be able to determine is implant exchange or implant removal is your best course of action.

Implant exchange involves the removal and replacement of your implant from previous breast augmentation. Removal of the previous implant is completed and a new, undamaged implant takes its place. The exchange can be done for one or both breasts. In any case, the result is better or corrected fit for you.

Implant Removal. This procedure may be done with or without an accompanying breast lift. Both breast implants will be removed. No new implants will replace them. To prevent post-surgery sag in the breasts, you may choose to have a breast lift done during procedure. Breast lifts remove the excess skin that causes saggy breasts.

Due to the very nature of a person’s need for breast revision, there are frequently unknown variables and a need for quick response in the event of unexpected complications (for example, the building up of scar tissue). As such, only a board-certified plastic surgeon with a thorough background in cosmetic breast surgical procedures and breast augmentation should be entrusted by the patient. Dr. Kouris, lead plastic surgeon at Midwest Plastic Surgery, is such a doctor.

In addition to his Chicago area practice, Dr. Kouris holds a full time academic faculty position in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Rush University Medical Center. He also actively instructs senior level residents in the fundamental principles and advanced concepts of plastic surgery. Dr. Kouris is an avid believer in serving his patients through his continuing education in the advancements of the plastic and reconstruction surgical fields.

Reasons To Seek Breast Revision Surgery

Defects and Complications.

No breast implant has a life time guarantee. That means that, on occasion, breast revision procedures may be needed when an implant’s structural integrity becomes compromises.

If any of these complications below occur, breast revision may be needed:

  1. Capsular Contracture. This condition will occur when scar tissue surrounds a breast implant and creates a tight, constricting capsule. Over time, this gives the breast an excessively rigid, rounded appearance. It may also cause the breast to feel unyielding to the touch, or tender to the touch or painful. Capsular contracture is by far the most widespread complication related to implants. But it is correctable though either a capsulectomy or capsulotomy via breast revision. These techniques eliminate excessive scar tissue.
  2. Implant Placement Problems. Occasionally implants can gradually shift out of place. Sometimes, implants are improperly placed during the original surgery. In either case, breast revision surgery can correct implant placement.
  3. Symmastia. This condition is known by several unflattering names, like “uniboob,” “bread loaf” or “kissing implants.” As unflattering as these may be, they do aptly describe the appearance of breasts when their implants shift toward the chest’s center. This creates the visual illusion of one, large, singular instead of the two which are actually in place. Again, this is a condition correctable with breast revision surgery.
  4. Breast Implant Displacement. Also known as “bottoming out,” this happens when implants shift downward, eventually causing the breast’s natural crease fold to lower.
  5. High-Riding Implants. This condition is hallmarked by breast implants sitting too high on the chest.
  6. Laterally Shifting Implants. In this situation, a breast implant has shifted laterally outward. It creates the look of the breast being positioned under the armpit.
  7. “Double Bubble” Deformity. When overly large breast implants cause the natural part of the breast to constrict, it can create a “pyramid on a dome” appearance in which the natural breast tissue sits too prominently atop the implant.
  8. Implant Deflation or Rupture. Many studies have determined that risk of rupture in an implant will increase 1% per year following original surgery. With this in mind, keeping aware of an approximate 20% risk of rupture once you’ve had your implants for twenty years will greatly help you in deciding if and when to consider breast implant replacement via breast revision surgery.
  9. Implant Wrinkling or Rippling. Sometimes, for those who had little natural breast material before implant surgery, unattractive wrinkling, ridges or rippling on or around the breast area may develop. This condition may also occur in patients with saline implants that were not properly filled during the original procedure.

Changing Breast Aesthetics

Not every breast revision surgery is done to correct implant defects or complications. Numerous patients choose breast revision surgeries for cosmetic corrections to flaws, to change to a different implant material used in a previous breast augmentation or improve their silhouette after significant weight loss. A cosmetically motivated breast revision procedure can be an admirable answer for those who have undergone changes in breast shapes or simply have shifted their own aesthetic preference as the years go by.
Aesthetically motivated breast revisions might involve:

  1. A change to a different filler for implants (a switch from saline to silicone, for example).
  2. The complete removal of breast implants. This procedure can be done with or without an accompanying breast lift.
  3. The exchange of original implants for a different sized style. This can be performed to exchange smaller for larger or vice versa.
  4. Corrections to undesirable changes in the breasts’ appearance. Many life events can affect the appearance of your breasts: pregnancy, weight loss, simple aging, genetics and more. Breast revision surgery can be a very effective way of addressing these issues.
  5. An improvement to correct artificial-looking nipples or an asymmetry in breasts after reconstruction surgery.

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It is the aim of Dr. Kouris and his staff to make sure that your experience at Midwest Plastic Surgery is an outstanding one, from the minute you come through the doors to the follow ups after your procedure. We understand that your choice to have breast revision surgery is a deeply personal and important one. And, so, treating our patients with courtesy and respect is a priority. Dr. Kouris and his staff ensure that someone knowledgeable will always be available to address your questions and concerns.

As you consult with Dr. Kouris, you and he will discuss your expectations for your breast revision surgery. He’ll also thoroughly explain what will happen during your procedure, what to expect post surgery, and any possible side effects.

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