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Overly large breasts are something that leaves many women feeling not just self-conscious, but physically painful. This condition can even have a limiting affect on your activities. Breast reduction is a procedure to alleviate painful, large, pendulous breasts, creating an improved proportional breast size better suited to your body.

Reduction mammaplasty is the surgical term for breast reduction. It is most suited for women suffering from:

  • A sense of their breasts being too large
  • The inability to do particular physical activities due to their breast size
  • Pain in the upper body areas such as neck, shoulder or back due to breast weight
  • The discomfort and unsightliness of deep grooves into the shoulders by bra straps
  • Persistent irritation or rashes beneath breasts
  • Stretch marks and sagging due to low-hanging breasts
  • Overly large areolas resulting from the stretching affect of large breasts
  • Nipples falling under the breast’s crease

Often, overly large breasts also have a sagging problem. In such cases, a breast lift may be a helpful addition to the breast reduction procedure. Should breast enlargement be primarily attributable to fatty tissue, using liposuction for breast reduction may be your best option. Any of these methods may be performed as a single procedure or combined with reduction mammaplasty. Dr. Kouris will sit down with you to discuss what procedures will be most suitable.

What To Expect During The Breast Reduction Procedure


To begin with, breast reduction requires anesthesia. Dr. Kouris will consult with you regarding the sort of anesthetic that will best serve you.

There are differing styles of incision performed during the surgery. Breast size, shape and tissue composition all play an important role in determining which incisions will be used. But your own preferences and those of Dr. Kouris will also be a part of the incision-making process. Incision styles are:

In which the incision follows the shape of the areola in a “keyhole” fashion which tracks downward to where the breast meets the rib cage.
This incision is done in an upside down T shape. Like the keyhole incision, this one follows the shape of the areola and runs down the breast to the crease where breast meets rib cage. The “T” is formed at the crease. Dr. Kouris places as many incisions as is possible to that they follow the natural contouring of the breast, minimizing the incisions’ appearance post surgery. Dr. Kouris and you will thoroughly discus the incision process that is best for your situation.

During the breast reduction procedure, Dr. Kouris will remove excessive skin, fat and glandular tissue, reducing your breast size in the process. In the event that large amounts of fat are present in the breast, the doctor may determine that liposuction should be used. Once excess fat, glandular tissue and skin is removed, the doctor will lift and shape the breast to improve contouring. The final step in the process is repositioning nipples and reducing the size of areolas.

What To Expect During Recovery


Once the breast reduction surgery is done, bandages or a support bra will be given to you in order to aid in the reduction of swelling, as well as to support your new, smaller breasts. The result of your reduction mammaplasty will be visible immediately. You’ll enjoy your improved breast size more and more as swelling subsides, and you’ll see the incision lines gradually fade to their final appearance over time.

What To Expect During Consultation With Dr. Kouris


Once Dr. Kouris determines that breast reduction is the right procedure for you, he will ask you what your expectations are and explain the breast reduction process. He will thoroughly discuss what you should expect during the recovery period and any possible side effects.

Dr. Kouris’ staff is happy to help you with any questions you may have before scheduling your breast reduction consultation and surgery. Please call 708-352-4667 or use our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you.


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