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It can be an embarrassing topic for some. Many women suffer in silence who are uncomfortable with the size, contours or tautness of their labia. The labia are the folds of skin around the outer area of the vagina. There are two sets of labia: the inner and the outer (labia minor and majora). There are several reasons why women seek labiaplasty. The folds can stretch and loosen after childbirth or are just large due to congenital malformations. For other women, the size of the labia may create discomfort or pain. Sometimes due to congenital malformation, The size of the labia can change because of childbirth. Genital piercing can also increase labial size and asymmetry, due to the weight of ornaments.

Labiaplasty is a surgery that reduces labial size, reshapes the folds, repairs damage to them, or cosmetically changes the vulva’s contours. Labiaplasty is sometimes called labia reduction because the procedure often reduces the size of the folds, whether inner or outer.

If you feel you are unusual when it comes to your reasons for seeking labia reduction, take heart. Back in 2008 a study by Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that thirty-two percent of women who underwent the procedure did so to correct a functional impairment. Thirty-seven percent underwent the procedure for cosmetic reasons. In 2011 the Journal of Sexual Medicine published a review that stated overall patient satisfaction with their labiaplasty results was in the ninety to ninety-five percent range.

While generally a safe and effective procedure, there are certain risks every woman should be aware of. These include:

  • Infections
  • Possible bleeding
  • Temporary lack of sensation
  • Unevenness between inner and outer labial folds
  • Changes in labial skin tone
  • A decrease in sensitivity in the vulva’s region
  • Pain
  • Surplus scar tissue (this may appear as lumps on the corrected area)
  • Hematoma (which is a tear in a blood vessel that may lead to a blood clot)
  • The vulva area puckers or creases
  • Sexual dysfunction

Your Labiaplasty Consultation With Dr. Kouris

It is critical that, while in consultation with Dr. Kouris about your labiaplasty, you talk candidly and honestly about your feelings and concerns about your labia and your expectations for labia reduction. The doctor will thoroughly explain what will happen during your procedure, what to expect after surgery, and any possible side effects.

Dr. Kouris’s staff is happy to help you with any questions you may have before scheduling your labiaplasty and pre-labiaplasty consultation. Please call 708-354-4667 or use our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you.


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