There are many ways people are trying to take care of themselves and restore healthy younger looking skin. One of the popular ways to achieve this is with hydrating facials.Read More
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Most women’s bodies go through a drastic change during pregnancy, one of the most obvious being the addition of anywhere from 25 to 35 pounds during the course of theRead More
If you have been trying to find the options for reconstructive surgery in the area then you have come to the right place! Among the local plastic surgery centers, MidwestRead More
Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years and while this specialized type of surgery is designed to change a person’s appearance and ability to function, usually it isRead More
Many people, men and women alike, opt to have plastic surgery done to correct any number of issues. From the hips to the nose there is a wide range ofRead More
As a continuation from our previous blog, here is part two of popular plastic surgery procedures for men. If you have been thinking about whether plastic surgery is an optionRead More
Plastic surgery isn’t just for women anymore, many men are finding procedures that are beneficial for them too! Some of this may be due to the baby boomers trying toRead More
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Cosmetic and Reconstructive Procedures in Chicago Dr. George Kouris and his team at Midwest Plastic Surgery are committed to providing each and every one of his patients the very bestRead More
reversing the effects of pregnancy on the body
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